The first thing you will likely notice about our Swoop tiny homes is their shapes. The curved roof is similar to the teardrop trailers of the 1940s and 50s. There are several great advantages of this shape:

1. It’s very aerodynamic when moving your home or in high wind situations like we have in Big Sur, California where this home was conceived.
2. It’s curved shape adds strength without weight (like an egg shell) In most cases these homes can be moved with a half ton pickup or SUV.
3. When you walk inside your home the space opens up. Most people comment how much bigger it feels on the inside.

The Swoop design is built with a combination of steel and wood. We carefully utilize the best qualities of each.

Our homes have wheels but that is where the comparison to RVs end. These are solidly built homes made to last a lifetime and be lived in.